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Every type of business relies on trucking, delivering, and carrying goods from across the world. Whether that be retail shops, construction, food, and healthcare, all require products that will involve the use of trucks. The trucking industry is always required in one way or another. That is why it is vital to make sure that your truck fleet and curtainsider trucks are outfitted for maximum efficiency.

Research has found that many trucking companies have started to move towards a curtain sided trailer. They are the most common form of transportation in Europe, providing the same protection as a van while offering the loading flexibility of a flatbed. Making them the ideal shipping option for businesses of all sizes.


The issue with many other varieties of truck is that it can be difficult to shuffle goods or load oddly shaped items. Therefore, leaving large amounts of space to travel home with, making your journey a highly inefficient way to burn costly fuel. However, with a 3.5 tonne curtainsiders or even a 12 tonne, there is always a way. Using a DAF or Mercedes curtainsiders you can quite easily accommodate backhaul during any stage of your delivery route.

Quick Loading And Unloading

A curtain side truck allows for easy loading and unloading. Allowing for a forklift to move the goods from any point along the length of the truck. With this benefit it makes it easier to prioritise the placement of the goods. Without having to load cargo in a particular order, which can slow the loading process. Mac’s Trucks can offer a new or used curtain sided truck so this efficiency can start as soon as possible for your business.

Easy Access

A curtain sided truck is ideal for deliveries around towns. Although having your truck loaded in priority is ideal if this hasn’t been done a curtain sided truck can help. When only a small delivery is required to either load or unload, a curtain sided truck allows quick and easy access to anything within the trailer. This feature makes soft side trailers especially great for quick deliveries around towns and cities.


These types of trailers enable the shipping of a wide range of items that other traditional trailers would not manage. This includes longer items such as aircraft and aerospace components, lumber and doors.

Loading Docks Not Required

A loading dock is not required when driving a curtain sided trailer. This enables the driver to park the truck anywhere and allow a forklift to unload the items. Saving both time and space, making it easier for deliveries to businesses.

Mac’s Trucks Curtainsider Trailers For Sale

Here at Mac’s we offer used and new curtainsiders trucks from a variety of brands including Scania, DAF, Volvo, Mercedes. We like to ensure our lorries cater to companies of all sizes and monetary allowances. Whether you’re looking for a single curtain side body truck or a full fleet we have the right curtain trucks for sale to meet your needs. Ranging from 3.5 and 7.5-tonne curtainsiders to 18 tonnes. Contact us today to benefit from these versatile, flexible trucks.

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