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Tarmac Hot Box Trucks

Tarmac hot boxes are designed to store asphalt at the exact temperature required so it can be transported and used for road repairs or tarmac carrying. Our Hot Boxes range from 7.5T to 26T and are ideal for any time of the year.

Our aim is to make your buying journey as smooth as possible to ensure we secure your trust and repeat custom. Every single hot box vehicle goes through a series of rigorous checks before it leaves our site.

Tarmac hot box trucks, also known as asphalt hot box trucks, are specialised vehicles designed for the transportation of asphalt and the maintenance of road surfaces. They have an insulated container that is heated by a diesel burner or propane heater, which keeps the asphalt hot and workable while in transit.

Tarmac hot box trucks are commonly used by road maintenance crews to repair potholes, cracks, and other surface defects in roads and highways. The hot asphalt is transported to the job site and then used to fill the damaged areas, resulting in a smooth and level surface.

The advantages of using tarmac hot box trucks are their efficiency and cost-effectiveness. They can transport and maintain asphalt without the need for additional equipment or machinery, reducing the amount of time and manpower required for road maintenance operations. The hot box container also allows for the transportation of hot asphalt, which can be used immediately upon arrival at the job site, further reducing the time required for repairs.

In addition, tarmac hot box trucks are more environmentally friendly than traditional road maintenance methods, as they reduce the amount of waste generated and the amount of energy required for repairs.

We pride ourselves on providing a high specification product including tarmac hot box trucks from leading brands such as DAFVolvo and Mercedes. Hot box hire is available from Mac’s Trucks call us today on 01422 311999 to discuss your requirements.