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26T Trucks For Sale

If you’re looking for a versatile and reliable 26-ton truck, look no further than our truck dealer. We offer a selection that includes beavertails, curtainsiders, and flatbeds, many with cranes. These sturdy new trucks for sale are the preferred choice in industries such as construction, logistics, and delivery services, thanks to their ability to transport bulky items swiftly and conveniently.


The unique feature of our 26t beavertail is their easy loading and unloading capability from all sides of the vehicle. Unlike trucks with fixed sides, our beavertail plant lorry features detachable or hinged sides that can be lowered or removed entirely, providing unrestricted access to the goods bed. This design allows you to stack materials from any angle, ensuring maximum convenience.

Our curtainsider for sale is renowned for their flexibility, durability, and ability to withstand rough terrains and rigorous use. With excellent manoeuvrability, our curtainsider truck is suitable for both urban and off-road driving. They can be equipped with additional components like cranes and tarpaulin covers, allowing businesses to optimise their transportation processes according to specific requirements.


These flatbed trucks are designed for efficient transportation of goods and materials. With a spacious and durable platform, they are perfect for hauling oversized loads like construction materials and large machinery.


Either it’s a 26t beavertail, our curtainsider lorry or the ridged flatbed, we offer trucks from the top manufacturers like DAF and Scania.


When it comes to purchasing a 26t truck, we offer numerous options to suit your specific requirements. As a reputable dealer, we take pride at Mac’s Trucks in providing exceptional service to our customers. Our knowledgeable sales team is available to provide expert guidance, competitive pricing, and flexible financing options to ensure a satisfying buying experience.