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The removal industry is engrained in the very foundations of Mac’s Trucks. Our founder, Alec McDade, identified a need in the early 1970s to supply removal trucks and lorries. He innovatively began converting box vans into removal trucks. Our 7.5 tonne and above removal trucks and lorries are built for a wide range of commercial and domestic items to be transported. Equipped with a range of features and functions, not found on standard second-hand lorries. Therefore, making our removal vans the ideal solution for the removal industry. Mac’s Trucks is the go-to place for people looking for removal trucks to buy or rent.

Removal trucks and lorries are specialised vehicles used for moving furniture and household or commercial items from one location to another. They are typically larger than standard vans or trucks and are designed with features to facilitate the transportation of heavy and bulky items.


Removal trucks and lorries come in different sizes and capacities, ranging from small vans to larger trucks with multiple compartments. They are equipped with specialised features such as tail lifts, ramps, and tie-down points to make the loading and unloading of goods easier and safer. Some removal trucks also have features such as padded walls and straps to protect and secure delicate or valuable items during transit.


The use of removal trucks and lorries is common in the moving and relocation industry, as well as in the delivery of commercial goods such as office equipment and furniture. They are also used in the transport of exhibition and event equipment, as well as in the collection and delivery of donated goods for charitable organisations.


The advantages of using removal trucks and lorries are their larger size and capacity, which allows for the transport of more items in a single trip. The specialised features and equipment also make the loading and unloading of goods easier and safer, reducing the risk of damage or injury. Additionally, professional removal companies often provide trained personnel to assist with the loading and unloading of items, further reducing the risk of damage or injury.


Our base is aesthetically beautiful in a prime location, and we offer some incredible deals. We aim to make your buying journey as fluid as possible to ensure we secure your trust and repeat custom. We also aim to remove any preconceived notions and apprehension about purchasing a second-hand removal truck. We pride ourselves on providing a quality product. If you are currently seeking a new or used removal truck, please call our sales team today on 01422 311999.