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Effective Road Cleaning

Keeping your business car parks, streets, construction sites and roads clean is simple when you have a fleet of road sweeping trucks. Our 7.5 ton road sweepers are versatile and effective suited for a range of industries. Whether operating on public roads or in a private facility.


Road sweepers are the fastest, most efficient way to keep litter away and the streets clean. Suitable for regular sweeping of heavily soiled areas. A road sweeper from Mac’s Truck Sales is perfect for airports, construction, or local council use. Used road street cleaners have the ability to use high pressure water to also clean streets. Our road cleaners help to minimise surface dust, and dirt on paths, roads, drains, ditches, and gully’s.


Features include simultaneous sweeping brushes and flexible washing hoses all to make the job easier. Plus, beacons and cyclist view windows to ensure safety and a large storage capacity. Increase productivity with high quality sweeping capabilities, the benefits are there for all to see.

Road sweeper trucks, also known as street sweepers or road cleaning trucks, are vehicles designed to clean and maintain roads, streets, and public spaces. They are equipped with specialised equipment, such as brushes and suction devices, to sweep and collect debris, litter, and other waste from roads and public areas.


The operation of road sweeper trucks varies depending on the type of equipment and features they have. Some models use mechanical brooms to sweep debris into the path of a vacuum nozzle, which then collects the waste and stores it in a storage compartment. Other models use high-pressure water jets and suction devices to clean surfaces and collect debris.


Road sweeper trucks are commonly used by municipalities, road maintenance companies, and construction sites to maintain clean and safe roads and public spaces. They can be used to sweep streets, parking lots, sidewalks, and other public areas to prevent debris and litter from accumulating, reducing the risk of accidents and pollution.


The advantages of using road sweeper trucks are their efficiency and versatility. They can cover large areas quickly and effectively, and can be used in different environments and weather conditions. They are also more environmentally friendly than traditional manual street cleaning methods, as they can reduce the amount of water and cleaning solutions needed to clean surfaces.


Our aim is to make your buying journey as smooth as possible to ensure we secure your trust and repeat custom. Every single road sweeping vehicle goes through a series of rigorous checks before it leaves our site.


We pride ourselves on providing a high specification product including road sweeper lorries from leading brands such as DAFVolvo and Mercedes. Road sweeper hire is also available today from Mac’s Trucks so call us today on 01422 311999 to discuss your requirements.