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This month we were delighted to see our two stunning Scania P360 XT 4-Wheeler builds with Fassi 345 Cranes and lightweight load bodies for Algeco UK, featured in Commercial Motor Magazine!

Algeco Mac's Crane Truck

Algeco specialise in portable, temporary, and modular buildings and came to Mac’s Trucks looking for a heavy-duty 4×2 axle crane mounted truck that could take on the rigors and DVS requirements of operating in London, while also needing a large-capacity crane with a long reach, good maneuverability, and enough creature comforts to keep their drivers happy in long-stints of the London traffic. Algeco currently operates a fleet of 59 Scania vehicles and made 20,000 deliveries last year mostly transporting steel storage and portable building units.

Mac's Crane truck with Fassi 345

Here at Mac’s Trucks, our experts fit around 300 cranes per year, making us one of the largest Fassi dealers in Europe, specialising in this sort of bespoke build for the customer. In this case, our experts worked with David Martin, Transport Manager at Algreco, to create a perfect 4-wheeler build that would suit all of their needs.


  • Full payload of 3.9t thanks to our lightweight body comprising of extensive aluminium on the load floor, tool lockers, and redesigned lightweight headboard. Importantly without compromising on safety, strength and operational flexibility. 
  • Fassi F345B 2.2 he-dynamic crane rated at nearly 32tm, and able to lift the full 3.9t load at 8m, and 2.5t at 12m – with a full reach over 19m. 
  • Drawbar trailer coupling concealed behind the under-ride bar.
  • Nearside lower door window, a requirement of TFL’s Direct Vision Standard
  • 21ft Bed with fully hydraulic rear greedy bar to extend to 24ft.
  • Bespoke storage built within the headboard and large stainless toolboxes to accommodate various equipment
  • Plus 4 x hydraulic extensions, Tier 1 Legs, all work lights, beacon bar, and strobes.


Scania P360 XT Nearside Lower Door Window Scania P360 XTFassi Cranes UK


You can view the full spec list of the vehicles below :

  • Scania P360 + XT package
  • Day cab
  • Auto gearbox
  • Air con
  • Electric windows
  • DVS window
  • 4×2
  • Rear air suspension
  • Fitted new Fassi F345b.2.24 Crane
  • 4x hydraulic extensions
  • 7100kg @ 4.5m
  • 2490kg @ 12.1m
  • Remote controlled Crane
  • Tier 1 legs
  • New Macs Cabin spec body
  • Hydraulic pull out bar at rear
  • Fall arrest
  • 3 point contact, access.
  • Toolboxes
  • Ladder racks with 3 stage ladder
  • All worklights, Beacon bar, strobes,
  • FORS Gold
  • Body painted in their colour

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