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Curtainsider Lorries For Sale

Our most popular vehicle, the curtainsider truck, also known as a tautliner truck, is a favourite amongst the transportation industry. With flexible sides which can be opened to load and unload goods, it is suitable for almost all transport. The main advantage of new and used curtainsiders trailer is that once the curtain sides are closed, the goods are instantly protected.

We like to ensure our lorries cater to companies of all sizes and monetary allowances. Whether you’re looking for a single curtain side body truck or a full fleet we have the right curtain trucks for sale to meet your needs.

We have a vast selection of nearly new and used curtainsider trucks. Ranging from 3.5, 7.5-tonne curtainsider vans, 12 ton to 18 tonnes and including all the top manufacturers – ScaniaDAFVolvo, and Mercedes. As with all our vehicles, we can supply and fit a variety of accessories including alloys, lighting, and camera systems.

Curtainsider lorries are trucks or trailers with a sliding tarpaulin or curtain on each side that can be opened or closed to load and unload cargo. These curtains are made of strong, durable materials, such as PVC or canvas, and are designed to protect the cargo from weather elements like rain, wind, and sun.

The curtainsider lorry is a popular choice for transporting various types of goods, such as packaged foods, clothing, furniture, electronics, and more. The ease of loading and unloading cargo from the side of the lorry, as well as the ability to secure the load with straps and buckles, make the curtainsider lorry a versatile and efficient option for many types of transport operations.

Curtainsider lorries are commonly used in the logistics industry because they provide a quick and easy way to load and unload cargo, reducing loading and unloading times. They are also cost-effective since they can carry a large amount of cargo at once, reducing the number of trips required to transport goods. Additionally, the curtains can be easily removed and replaced, allowing for easy maintenance and repair.

Our company founder, Alec McDade, knows that road haulage is an essential means of transporting goods and is vital for the UK economy. Here at Mac’s Trucks, we cater to the needs of the transportation industry tailoring the vehicles to suit your needs. All of our vehicles are available at highly competitive prices for sale, rent to buy, and we also offer new and used curtainsider hire.

We pride ourselves on providing a quality product and aim to make your buying journey as fluid as possible. If you are currently seeking to buy a truck, please view our current stock. Contact a member of our expert team today, and they will help you find the lorry you are looking for.