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Hook loaders specialise in the removal and moving of waste containers, an essential role in society today. Unlike the traditional skip loader, a hook loader truck delivers and collects larger skips and bins from construction sites and industrial estates. The hydraulic arm on our hook lift trucks utilises rollers within the waste vehicle body and on the bin itself. It cohesively drags the bin up onto the load bed or pushes off as required. Additionally, when the hook lift lorry is in transit, the hook secures the bin in place. Lastly, we can also offer a sheeting system to cover the load. Mac’s Trucks new and used hook loaders have the ability to move even the most awkward and heavy items.

Hook loader trucks, also known as roll-off trucks or hooklift trucks, are trucks that have a hydraulic hook arm system attached to the chassis. This system allows for the truck to load and unload containers, also known as bins or skips, quickly and efficiently.

The hook loader truck works by hooking onto the container using the hydraulic arm system and then lifting it onto the truck’s bed. The container is secured onto the truck’s bed using locking mechanisms to ensure that it is stable during transportation. The same hydraulic arm system is used to unload the container, with the driver operating the hydraulic controls from the cab of the truck.

Hook loader trucks are commonly used in waste management and recycling operations. They can transport a range of containers, including bins for collecting household waste, skips for construction waste, and roll-off containers for industrial waste. The ability to load and unload containers quickly and efficiently makes hook loader trucks ideal for operations that require frequent and rapid container swaps.

Another advantage of hook loader trucks is their flexibility. They can transport multiple containers of different sizes and types, depending on the needs of the operation. They are also more cost-effective than traditional waste collection vehicles, as they can transport larger loads and reduce the number of trips required to transport the same amount of waste.

Representing all the key brands including ScaniaDAFVolvo, and Mercedes, we have anew or used hook lift truck for you. Available to accommodate all budgets to cater to companies of all sizes and monetary allowances. We have a vast selection of both nearly new and used hook loaders for sale with stock updating daily. Our aim is to make your journey when buying a hook lift lorry as fluid as possible to ensure we secure your trust and repeat customs. Call us today to find out more or alternatively, check out our hook loaders for hire.