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32T Trucks For Sale

Looking for a high-efficient 32 ton truck? We offer a variety of trucks at this weight category that can support multiple industries. Our selection includes beavertails, cheesewedges and hook loaders, many with cranes. We also offer flatbeds and tippers in this class. They are each designed to deliver exceptional power, reliability, and versatility, catering to the diverse needs of various industries.


Experience the ease of loading and unloading with our beavertail plant lorry. These trucks feature hydraulically operated ramps, allowing for convenient access to the bed. Ideal for transporting construction equipment, machinery, and vehicles, they ensure efficient operations and seamless transportation.


Ensure the safe and secure transport of heavy plant and machinery with our reliable 32-ton cheese wedge lorry. These trucks offer a low angle loading platform and a robust hydraulic system, making it easy to load and secure your valuables. Perfect for construction and transportation industries, the cheese wedge truck provides peace of mind during transportation.

Streamline waste management operations with our versatile 32 ton hook loader. These trucks are equipped with hydraulic hook lift systems, allowing for quick and effortless container loading. Designed for waste disposal, recycling, and construction sectors, this hook loader lorry ensures efficient and environmentally friendly waste handling.


Our tipper grab is ideal for industries such as construction, mining, and agriculture. These trucks offer durable bodies and powerful hydraulic systems. Enjoy quick and efficient unloading, simplifying even the most demanding tasks and increasing operational productivity.


We also have the flatbed truck for sale, which transports a wide range of goods. Featuring a spacious and durable platform, these trucks are perfect for hauling multiple loads. With their robust construction and reliable performance, these flatbed lorries offer flexible and efficient haulage solutions.


Mac’s Trucks have a selection of 32t trucks from the top manufacturers like DAF, Scania and Volvo direct from our showroom.