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12T Trucks For Sale

Our 12t trucks for sale are built to deliver exceptional performance and reliability, ensuring that your transportation operations run smoothly and effectively. Whether you need to transport heavy machinery, construction materials, or other essential items, our trucks are equipped to handle the task with ease.


Among our range, we offer the 12 ton hook loader, which provide efficient and versatile loading and unloading capabilities. With their strong and robust design, our hook loader lorry offers reliability and convenience for your construction projects.


For versatile transportation options, our flatbed lorries offer an open and spacious bed that allows you to load various types of goods, from construction equipment to building supplies. This flatbed vehicle is designed to withstand heavy loads and provide stability during transit.


Skip Lorries are another essential addition to our 12 tonne lorry range. These trucks for sale are specifically designed for waste removal and handling, featuring an enclosed container that can be easily lifted and emptied.

Our 12-ton removal truck is a reliable and efficient solution for the relocation and removal industry. With their ample load capacity and customizable features, these trucks provide the necessary strength to handle the transportation of furniture and other items during residential or commercial moves.


If you are looking for a formidable lifting solution that can be used across multiple industries, our 12 ton crane truck is the one for you. With their sturdy build and hydraulic crane functionality, these trucks provide exceptional lifting and transport capabilities for large loads.


Lastly, we offer tipper trucks and grab trucks, which are designed specifically to handle and transport bulk materials, such as sand, gravel, or demolition waste.


At Mac’s Trucks, we understand the unique demands of the construction industry, and our 12 ton trucks for sale are meticulously designed to meet those demands. We prioritise efficiency, safety, and reliability in all our vehicles, ensuring that you can trust our trucks to deliver exceptional performance on your construction projects.