If you are purchasing a used truck from us, we would like to assure you, that we do everything conceivable to try and ensure the quality of the product that you receive, before you receive it!.


If you do encounter a problem after receiving your truck, we are just a phone call away.


We do not sell “PAPER WARRANTIES” as we have found them to be very unhelpful in the past, so we offer you our “WORD!” As a family owned and run business with a long standing status and reputation, our “WORD” is better than any paper warranty that you could BUY!


They come to you in the best possible aesthetic and mechanical condition possible, and you are welcome to have your vehicle checked by a third party before it leaves us.


If you do encounter a problem with your vehicle, just call us and we will sort it out over the phone and/or email.


We are lucky that our staff are at the forefront of their individual skills and would not lower their standards, just for you!!!!

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