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7.5T Trucks For Sale

We take pride in offering a diverse range of top-quality commercial vehicles tailored to meet the demands of various industries. Among our impressive lineup, our 7.5 tonne truck range stands out as versatile workhorses designed to handle a wide array of tasks with precision and efficiency.

Our 7.5 tonne dropside lorry for sale are engineered for maximum utility and adaptability. Featuring a versatile open bed with easily detachable or hinged sides, these trucks offer unparalleled accessibility from all angles. This unique design empowers you to load and unload goods swiftly and effortlessly. Whether you’re transporting construction materials, equipment, or other bulky items, our 7.5 t dropside is up to the challenge, ensuring seamless operations.

These 7.5 ton hotbox for sale are engineered to excel in specialised industries requiring controlled heating capabilities. These robust vehicles are built to withstand rough terrains and intensive usage. With exceptional manoeuvrability, our hotbox trucks are suitable for both urban and off-road applications. Equipped with state-of-the-art heating equipment, they provide an optimal solution for businesses requiring precise temperature control during transportation.

When it comes to efficient material transportation, our 7.5 tipper trucks for sale are the go-to choice. These vehicles are equipped with a spacious and durable platform, ideal for handling oversized loads like construction materials, aggregates, and heavy machinery. The tipping mechanism allows for swift and controlled unloading, simplifying even the most demanding tasks. With reliable performance and robust construction, our tipper trucks ensure you get the job done, no matter the scale.

In recognising the unique demands of the multiple industries, Mac’s Trucks proudly presents our meticulously designed 7 tonne truck. We place a premium on efficiency, safety, and reliability in all our vehicles, guaranteeing that you can rely on our trucks to excel in performance on your construction projects.