How Will Brexit Affect The UK Truck Industry?

Whatever your views may be on the ongoing Brexit fiasco you must admit the EU has a wicked sense of humour. Initially Britain said it would leave Europe on March 30, 2019, meaning the first business day outside of the EU would be April Fools Day. What a bunch of jokers!

But the EU has trumped that.

They have given the Prime Minister Theresa May a new deadline of October 31, 2019, a day better known as Halloween! Given the numerous horror stories about what Britain will be like if we do leave the EU they could not have picked a more apt date for Brexit.

Unfortunately, this never-ending farce that is Brexit is no laughing matter. If we do leave the EU everyone in the UK is going to be affected, particularly truck drivers who travel to the continent.

Much has been said and written about the consequences of the UK eventually leaving the EU. Some of it has been the stuff of nightmares. But here is what you need to know about what Brexit means to truck drivers travelling to the EU.

What Brexit Means To UK Truck Drivers

If the UK decides to leave the EU without a deal, lorry drivers will be required to carry additional documentation in order to drive through the EU. You may also need one or more international driving permits. Drivers will be able to use their EU Community Licence until December 31, 2019. No additional permits will be required in order to transport goods in the EU until January 1, 2020.

In effect you will still be permitted to:

  • Drive from England to France or Germany to the UK.
  • Drive through Europe to get to another country, like driving through France to get to Belgium or Spain.

    You will not, however, be allowed to drive through the EU and EEA to a third country without an ECMT permit. So, for example, a journey driving through France to get to Switzerland.

    Starting from this month, people applying for a new or seeking to renew their international operator licence will receive a UK Licence for the Community rather than an EU Community Licence. It works exactly like the EU Community Licence and lets you do the same journeys.

    Drivers with a CPC qualification (Driver Certificate of Professional Competence) working for or wanting to work for an EU company are being urged to act now. In the event of a No Deal Brexit, the UK will continue to recognise Driver CPC qualifications from countries within the EU. However, the EU may not reciprocate. Therefore, if you are working for a European firm, or thinking of doing so in the future, you should exchange your UK Driver CPC for an EU CPC before the UK leaves. This will enable you to work for both UK and EU companies after the UK leaves.

    Truck drivers travelling to the EU are also being advised to display a GB sticker to the back of their vehicles, regardless if your number plate clearly identifies the vehicle as British.

    And let’s not forget about Operation Brock, a contingency plan that may be activated at the Port of Dover and Eurotunnel to manage freight traffic in the event of a No Deal Brexit. If the UK leaves without a deal, truckers will be urged to stay abreast of the traffic situation before they set off.

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