Is Your Driving Licence Up To Date?

When was the last time you looked at your driving licence? I don’t mean just pulling it out of your wallet and using it as a form of identification. I mean, actually looked at it? Sure, your name is correct and your address is still the same, but is your driving licence actually in date?


A recent study has found more than THREE MILLION drivers could be getting behind the wheel with an out-of-date licence! That is a hugely worrying statistic and one that could result in a £1,000 fine and points on your licence.


It is the law that photocard licences must be renewed every 10 years in order to remain valid, but it appears not everyone is clued up on this fact.


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The Post Office surveyed 2,000 motorists recently and a total of 44 per cent of respondents were unaware of the requirements, while 51 per cent had no idea when their licence was due to expire. Unfortunately, the most shocking statistic was that one in 10 of those who then checked their driving licence found it was in fact out of date.


An out-of-date driving licence could have huge implications for people who drive for a living, especially those who use flatbed trucks and crane trucks for example. It can even affect those who use their driving licence as their main form of identification.


Drivers across the UK are now being urged to check that their licence is in date. Renewing your driving licence is simple enough and can be done so at the Post Office that deals with photo card renewals. It usually takes between one and three weeks to be delivered but it is your responsibility to make sure everything is correct and up to date. This includes your address.


While the DVLA does not charge drivers to update their address information, a new photocard licence will cost you £14 for an online application and £21.50 at the Post Office.


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