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Since 2003 it has been illegal for drivers to use their mobile phones whilst driving. Although, the offence was only committed if it could be proven that:

  • The driver was holding the phone
  • The driver was using it to perform an interactive communication function such as making a call or sending a text. Rather than a “standalone” function such as recording a video.

Research conducted by Ipsos MORI on behalf of the Department for Transport (DfT) reported that 60% of motorists stated the use of mobile phones was a habit. Therefore, when driving they used their phone because of this habit rather than for a particular reason. 12% stated they needed to see notifications or calls in order to respond fast and to fill the journey time. Furthermore, 14% believed that using their phones did not distract them.

Participants stated they only completed behaviours on their phones while stationary in traffic or at lights than while in motion. Behaviour such as reading a message (34%), making, or receiving calls (29%), searching for music (25%), or typing a message (23%).

Transport Secretary Grant Shapps stated, “Too many deaths and injuries occur while mobile phones are being held. By making it easier to prosecute people illegally using their phone at the wheel, we are ensuring the law is brought into the 21st century while further protecting all road users. While our roads remain among the safest in the world, we will continue working tirelessly to make them safer, including through our award-winning THINK! campaign, which challenges social norms among high-risk drivers.”

Government Consultation

Following this, the DfT carried out a public consultation. This proposed that the offence of using a mobile phone be broadened to cover standalone use as well as interactive communication. Out of 423 people 81% of individuals supported the move. Of this 43% stated it should be illegal to simply pick up your phone regardless of what you are doing it, therefore having no blurred lines.

Therefore, a new year brings a new UK driving mobile phone law. The government believe that all use of a mobile phone whilst driving is reckless and dangerous. Consequently, the government have strengthened their existing laws and have made using a hand held mobile phone when driving illegal under almost any circumstance.

Mary Williams OBE, Chief Executive of Brake from the road safety charity, comments “Driver distraction can be deadly and using a hand-held phone at the wheel is never worth the risk. This important road safety decision by government, coinciding with Road Safety Week, is very welcomed. This news is particularly welcomed by families suffering bereavement and catastrophic injury due to drivers being distracted by phones. The theme for Road Safety Week is road safety heroes – we can all be road safety heroes by giving driving our full attention.”

What Is The New Law?

Previously it was illegal to text or make a phone call using a mobile device while driving. However, this has changed to further improve road safety. It prevents people from using their phones to take photos or videos, scroll through playlists or play games. This includes when a driver is stationary whether that be in traffic, at traffic lights, or by a port. Also, includes when supervising a learner driver. This will enable the police to prosecute more easily. The police have the right to stop you if they believe you’re not in control of the vehicle and can be prosecuted.

Exceptions include using your mobile phone when parked, to call 999 and as a sat-nav. As long as it is in a secure cradle not restricting the drivers view. Additionally, making payments via card readers for drive through food or tolls. Furthermore, showing pre-paid purchases such as tickets they may be saved on the devices.

Anyone who is caught will be fined £200 and gain 6 points on their license. If you have passed your test within the last 2 years, if caught using a mobile phone, you will lose your license. For HGV drivers, driving is their living therefore, having a clean licence is paramount to their day to day lives.

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