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Brick grab lorries are a familiar site on British roads as they travel to and from construction sites. With a large flatbed or dropside body for carrying heavy loads, they are versatile and a popular choice for any builders merchant. A built in crane including a scissor brick grab attachment suitable for lifting bricks, slabs and other building materials makes loading and unloading straightforward and convenient.

Brick grab trucks are a type of commercial vehicle that are designed to transport and deliver large quantities of bricks, blocks, and other building materials to construction sites. They are equipped with a hydraulic grab arm that can be used to lift and load heavy pallets of bricks onto the truck, making the transportation process much more efficient.


The grab arm on a brick grab truck can be operated from inside the cab of the truck, allowing the driver to easily position the arm and load the bricks without needing additional personnel. The arm can be rotated and extended to reach into tight spaces and lift heavy loads.


Brick grab trucks can come in various sizes and configurations, depending on the specific needs of the industry and the customer. They are often fitted with additional features such as cranes, winches, and tail lifts to accommodate different types of loads and make the loading and unloading process easier.


Brick grab trucks are known for their efficiency and productivity in the construction industry, as they can transport large quantities of bricks and other building materials quickly and safely. They are also designed to be durable and long-lasting, able to withstand the harsh conditions and heavy loads that they are often subjected to on construction sites.


Mac’s Trucks has over 50 years of experience providing high-quality brick grab lorries to builders merchants nationwide. Our stock is updated daily and includes top manufacturers, such as DAFScaniaVolvo, and Mercedes-Benz.


Our experts are always ready to help, so you can choose to visit our site located in Alexander Park, Huddersfield or contact our sales team on 01422 311999 where we can help you find your next brick grab.