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It has been a troubling time for a lot of companies not only due to coronavirus but also with the UK leaving the EU. According to figures from the Office for National Statistics (ONS), there were 39,000 fewer people employed as HGV drivers between July 2020 and June 2021. Due to such a high truck driver shortage, supermarkets, shops, and restaurants have all reported problems with supplies across the UK.

In an effort to try and increase the number of qualified HGV drivers, the government has made changes to the way in which driving licences and tests for heavy goods vehicles (HGV) work. In addition to this, there will be roughly 30,000 more HGV driving tests slots available for individuals to book. This is down to the new rule that car drivers will no longer need to take another test to tow a trailer or caravan. Overall, this will result in people being able to gain their licence and enter their chosen industry quicker.

What has changed?

On the 15th of November, changes were made about how driving tests work and what you are allowed to learn to drive and take your driving test in.

For your HGV license, you can now learn and take your test in a large articulated lorry (category CE) if your provisional lorry licence was issued from 15 November 2021. If you don’t want to drive anything larger through, the original rule still applies, and you can still use a large rigid lorry (category C).

Once you have successfully passed your test, your options have now increased, and you are allowed to drive:

  • – a medium-sized lorry (C1)
  • – a medium-sized lorry towing a trailer (C1E)
  • – a large rigid lorry (C)
  • – a large articulated lorry (CE)

Changes also apply to medium-sized lorries towing a trailer (category C1E) you can learn, take your test, and then drive in one.

To enable a quicker process and therefore, more people being ready to enter the industry, tests have also been made shorter. The ‘reversing exercise’ and ‘uncoupling and recoupling’ elements have been removed and will now be tested separately by a third party.


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