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When it comes to transporting goods and materials, loading and unloading lorries efficiently is essential. Crane lorries are one of the most popular to transport heavy or awkwardly shaped items. There are various types used across the construction, transport, and logistics industries. Perceived as one of the most valuable and useful pieces of equipment within haulage.

There are many benefits to using a crane lorry and many different types of businesses use them for lifting and transporting various loads. As experts in the transport industry, we will explore the crane lorry, its uses, and its benefits to those looking for heavy haulage solutions.

What Is A Crane Truck?

Quite simply a crane truck is a vehicle with a crane mounted onto the back of it. They are usually on four to eight wheels, depending on the size and model. This creates a stable platform for moving loads of up to 32 tonnes with an up to thirty metre crane reach and a sixty metre lift height.

A crane lorry is used for the loading and unloading of heavy cargo, usually a single item, but it can also be used for construction and repairs. Depending on the weight needed, most crane trucks come in different models to cope with higher heights and weight capacities.

The Benefits Of A Crane Lorry

There are several benefits to owning a crane truck across various industries including:

  • Multi-purpose – a crane truck can be utilised by many industries and sectors including agricultural, automotive, construction, and retail.
  • Accessible – a crane truck is a single unit and can therefore access difficult sites. Furthermore, a crane lorry is more mobile and doesn’t require as much space to set up therefore, can be used in smaller places such as warehouses.
  • Manoeuvrability – a crane lorry can manoeuvre heavy and awkward objects into tight or restricted spaces. The crane end can be rotated up to 360 degrees, depending on the model. They also require a lot less space than standard cranes would, making them ideal for urban, rural, and construction environments, and can be moved at any time.
  • Cost-effective – no foundations required or support pads therefore, less time is required that could otherwise be spent working on a project. A crane truck is already supported by the vehicle it’s mounted onto. Furthermore, a crane lorry can transport the lifted items whereas a mobile crane will require separate transportation. Again, saving costs and ultimately being more sustainable for a business.

Industries That Use Crane Lorries

A crane truck is highly versatile impacting industries that need heavy, wide, abnormal, or awkward loads, goods, or equipment delivered, relocated, or removed. Anything from heavy single items to building materials, containers, and cars. Therefore, they are flexible in which industries can use them and their working environments. They can lend themselves to many different industries including:

Construction Industry

From bricks, roofing sheets, paving stones, and breeze blocks, a crane truck is an ultimate choice for moving building materials from place to place. The crane lorry can be fitted with brick grabbers, timber grabs, hooks, or chains. Depending on the crane model, either 180 or 360 degrees of rotation and operation is possible. Therefore, making it easy for builders to transport and move their materials for each job.

Freight And Cargo Industry

Crane lorries are also used for marine and international trade, loading metal containers from ground to truck and from truck to ship. Radio remotes allow unloading from a safe distance, making precise moves and placement.

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