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Once upon a time, drivers could simply get behind the wheel and explore the open road without a single care in the world. However, as more and more people hit the highway, rules needed to be made to ensure everybody stayed safe and out of harm.


Some of these regulations are obvious. You must wear a seatbelt, you should not drink and drive, nor should you use your mobile phone while driving. Yet still people intentionally break those laws in the hope they won’t get caught.


However, there are other rules that drivers may not be aware of that could land them in hot water.


In this blog we are going to highlight five of those rules that drivers must be aware of.


Be Bright, Switch On Your Lights


Making sure you can be seen by other road users is imperative, particularly when the weather conditions are awful. Persistent rain, fog and hail can all limit visibility for drivers, so making sure you can see everything around you is vital. The simple step to ensure this is to switch on your lights. Not only does this help fellow drivers know where you are, it also prevents you from receiving a £50 fine. Be bright, switch on your lights.


Eat At The Table, Not Behind The Wheel


While it may be tempting to try and kill two birds with one stone by grabbing a quick snack behind the wheel of your tipper truck, if you get caught doing so by a police officer you may be fined. With 33 million drivers in the UK, it’s important you stay focused at the job in hand and don’t get distracted. Drivers have been fined for eating bananas while stuck in traffic before so it’s not worth the risk of gaining points on your licence. Eat before you set off or pull over somewhere to feed your hunger.


No Splashing


We have all witnessed the scene in the movies. Some poor guy is having a really bad day. The rain is lashing down and he can’t get a taxi for love nor money. To cap it all off he gets absolutely drenched by a car driving through a huge puddle. While we have all laughed at the poor guy’s situation, drivers who intentionally go out of their way to soak pedestrians can be fined. Remember, that pedestrian could be your mother or your son. Be a good driver, slow down or go around the excess water if possible.


Don’t Anger Or Infuriate Other Road Users


Speeding drivers are just as bad as slow drivers in the eyes of the law. We all know you shouldn’t break the speed limit, as the consequences of an accident at those speeds could be lethal. But driving exceptionally slowly can be potentially deadly too. If you are crawling along, you are endangering the lives of others as drivers may be tempted to take unnecessary risks in an attempt to overtake. Try and keep your speed up and keep the traffic flowing or you may be issued with a fine.


Make Sure Your Number Plates Are Visible


Some drivers take great pleasure from ensuring their vehicles are the cleanest, inside and out. Unfortunately, there are others who like to get their trucks as dirty as possible. Most fleet operators go to great lengths to keep their box vans and flatbed trucks sparkling clean. Not only does it paint a great perception of them as a company, it also prevents them from falling foul of the law. You see, you need to make sure your truck’s number plates are clean and visible or you run the risk of being fined £1,000.


Getting dirty can be an occupational hazard for some vehicles, especially those that operate in the construction and landscaping trade. But you need to make sure your number plate is clearly visible and not obstructed by mud or dirt or you could be hit with a fine.


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