How To Care For Your Trucks This Winter

Truck care is never more critical than in the winter as cold weather arrives, roads become slippery, and driving conditions deteriorate. Driving safely in the wind, fog, and rain, and on ice and snow can be challenging, but a well-serviced lorry can significantly reduce the chances of accidents and vehicle damage.

A regular truck service will keep your fleet in top condition and allow your drivers to get out on the roads as efficiently as possible. You can easily reduce morning delays at your company and prepare your drivers for the unexpected by encouraging them to carry an emergency kit containing a blanket, extra gloves, a small snow shovel, dry socks, and a flashlight.

Here we take a look and truck care with our tips for winter vehicle care.

General Issues

Here we cover the general issues your truck care regime can prevent:

  • Bodywork corrosion – Wash off the salt, grit, and grime regularly.
  • Poor visibility – Keep headlamps and tail lights clean so that your drivers can see and be seen by other motorists. You should also check the vehicle’s screenwash is topped up and squirt the screen washer every evening to prevent pipes from freezing or cracking overnight.
  • Windscreen fogging – An old trick is to spread shaving foam across the inside surface of your windscreen. Let it dry and wipe it off with a damp cloth. This is a top truck care tip for commercial vehicles with underperforming de-misting systems.
  • Frozen windscreens – Cover windscreens overnight using blinds developed for this purpose or with a blanket, card, or newspaper.
  • Starting issues – Connect the batteries in older lorries to a battery charger each week.
  • Poor grip – Check tyre tread depth, look for uneven wear, and check tyre pressures when cold).

Your truck care should also include checking brake fluid and oil levels and flushing and refilling cooling systems with a 50/50 mix of antifreeze and water at the start of winter. Ensure any truck repair is carried out straight away.


What To Look Out For

It is important to keep up to date with the maintenance of your lorry or fleet. More truck care is needed if you start to notice stalling, rough idling, low power, inefficient engines, and dirty filters.

It is a good truck care practice to check and replace wiper blades every six months. Ensure lights and bulbs work, give every driver an ice scraper, and inspect the truck’s floorboards for holes that might allow exhaust fumes to leak into the cabin.

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