Skip Loader Truck Safety

If your firm moves skips, your operators must be aware of skip loader safety issues and best practices.

A number of deaths and injuries in the UK are caused every year during the movement of skips, which should put skip loader safety high on your agenda.

It might be an innocent bystander, a client, or one of your drivers that get hurt. In any of these instances, your company’s reputation could be destroyed, your insurance premiums will go up, and you could get in trouble with the law.


Safety Measures

The first skip loader safety measure is to identify the potential hazards. The greatest hazards come from:

  • Failures of the lifting equipment
  • Runaway trucks
  • Vehicle overturns
  • Striking overhead obstructions such as cables and bridges
  • Being struck by the vehicle or skip

The next step of effective skip loader safety is to check the vehicle and its lifting equipment at the start of every shift. A thorough inspection should cover brakes, lights, tyres, seatbelts, wheel chocks, steering, audible reverse alarm, mirrors, and CCTV cameras. On the lifting mechanism, drivers should check the hoses, chains, hooks, and controls.

General skip loader safety practices include minimising reversing, using visual aids, and maintaining the clear site of banksmen.



Macs Trucks offers bespoke training for operators and drivers, with our crane and lifting gear familiarisation training.

Our skip loader safety training covers major issues and risks such as:

  • Assessing the suitability of the ground when picking up and dropping off
  • The correct use of chocks
  • Flat plates and stabiliser legs use on sloping ground
  • Safe sheeting, un-sheeting, and harness use
  • The inspection process for hooks, chains, tipping bars, hinges, panels, and lugs

Skip loader safety for those who use commercial skip loaders is something that should not be overlooked. Get in touch with Macs Trucks today to arrange training for your drivers.

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