Mac’s Creates First Grapple Saw In Britain!

Special build for a new customer to Mac’s Truck – The customer had spent his time going to see most of our competitors, Mac’s was the only company able to provide an accurate working design. The great thing for us was that Alistair Magee knew exactly what he wanted to achieve from the vehicle. He explained how the correct piece of kit could make his job so much safer and speed up the process of felling trees. What Alistair did not know was anything about trucks or cranes. As a team we brought Alistair’s dream piece of equipment to life. The concept we have built for Alistair is the first in the country.


The vehicle chosen was a VOLVO FMX460 – 8×4 but very short wheelbase. This gave us the perfect platform for us to achieve full 360 degree operation for Alistair with no reduction in performance in any zones. The crane was a FASSI F820RA2.27 with L426 fly jib – Giving the customer close to 30 meters reach. Also a V20 winch was fitted for lifting trees over houses. The vehicle was also fitted with Mac’s unique front stabiliser legs to increase performance over the cab. Cameras were fitted on the end of the boom and saw which could be viewed from his remote control. Guards where fitted to the hose trays to protect them. The SG280 Grapple saw finished of a perfect combination.


The fun part for Mac’s was taking it to a local woods and with permission from Alistair we set about testing the equipment. We were exasperated with the performance and speed. The last part of the journey was to ensure Alistair was fully conversant with operating the equipment. Alistair took to this like a duck to water.


I am pleased to say Alistair is now operating the vehicle seven days a week. Good luck Alistair and thank you for the business.

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