Changes to Driving In The EU

If you are driving into a European Union country from the 1st January 2020 when the Brexit transitional period comes to an end, you need to be aware of EU driving regulations. There will be new documentation that you need when driving abroad for personal and commercial vehicle drivers.

Here we look at the rules for driving after Brexit for cars, lorries, caravans, and trailers.


Post Brexit Changes

EU driving regulations require you to carry your UK driving licence, and you must be over eighteen years old. In some countries, you will need an international driving permit (IDP). This varies by country, but it makes sense to get your IDP whenever you are EU driving. However, you do not need an international driving permit when on the roads in Ireland.

You will also need a green card to prove you have motor insurance when driving abroad, including Ireland. You need a second green card if you are towing a caravan. Secondary green cards can take some time to arrive, so you should request one giving at least six weeks’ notice.

If you own the vehicle you are driving; you need to carry your vehicle log book (V5C). If you hire or lease the vehicle, you will need a VE103, which can be issued by the lease or hire company. You must also affix a GB sticker to the rear of your vehicle, except in Ireland.


Commercial Driving Impact

EU driving with a commercial vehicle also requires the driver to carry a green card. When towing a trailer, a secondary green card is required, and these can take up to six weeks to arrive. Also, some commercial and non-commercial trailers need to be registered before entering the EU.

Further EU driving documentation you need includes a copy of your contract of employment. In many EU countries, you need to carry a reflective jacket in the cab, a warning triangle, and a first aid kit (France, Germany, and Austria).

If you have an accident, you should first contact your insurance provider. Legal proceedings will be brought in the EU, and if the other driver is not insured, you may not get compensation.

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