Things To Look Out For When Buying A New Truck

If you are looking into buying a truck, there are plenty of things to consider and look out for. There is a healthy amount of market competition, which is excellent for buyers and delivers many choices.

You should begin the journey of buying a truck by picking a reputable dealer with a well-established history and dealer warranties. Just as you should use a reputable dealer, you should also choose a brand renowned for its place in the market. DAF, MAN, Scania, Volvo, and Mercedes are a few of the most popular brands of commercial vehicles.

If you are buying a truck to enter Greater London’s low emission zone, remember to choose a Euro-6 model. Further considerations include cab size, passenger capacity, number of airbags, air conditioning, and navigation system. If you need a new truck with lots of traction control, choose a manual with plenty of gears.

Fit for purpose

The biggest question to ask is about its use. There are commercial trucks for sale in different formats for getting specific jobs done. Models include beavertails, flatbeds, cheesewedges, tippers, grabbers, skip loaders, hook loaders, and removal lorries.

When buying a truck, you should also consider towing capacity, the need for a Hiab crane, and a hybrid engine’s economic benefits. Don’t forget when buying a truck that special builds with bespoke options are available.


Benefits & finance

A significant benefit of buying a truck from a dealer is that you know they are reliable and won’t let you down. However, now we must consider your purchasing options.

You may have the financial resources for buying a truck outright. For many businesses, this isn’t a viable option at a time when it has never been more critical to protect your working capital.

Macs Trucks gives you the options of a lease-purchase or hire purchase. You pay a deposit, make monthly payments, and then have several options open to you at the end of the fixed term. If you choose to hire purchase, you add the lorry to your books as a depreciating asset, and the vehicle is yours at the end of the term.

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