Why Wearing Flip Flops While Driving May Cost You £5,000

If you are working in the haulage or construction industry you know how important it is to wear the correct footwear when you get behind the wheel. Unfortunately, there are many drivers who are not so responsible, especially when the sun comes out.


As soon as the temperature starts to soar and the sun shines brightly on a warm summer’s day, the shorts are quickly dug out of the wardrobe, the sunglasses sit firmly on the bridge of your nose and even the flip flops and sandals get a much-needed airing. But while none of those items are illegal to wear while driving, pulling on a pair of flip flops and driving any vehicle could land you with up to nine points on your licence and a £5,000 fine.


Driving in flip flops or sandals carries a certain amount of risk. They can easily slip off while switching pedals or, worse still, get stuck underneath, putting you and other road users in danger. If a police office catches you driving dangerously or irresponsibly while wearing ill-advised footwear, you may end up getting more than you bargained for.


27% Of Male Drivers Admit To Wearing Flip Flops While Driving


It’s not just sandals and flip flops that can land drivers in hot water. Driving barefoot or in high heels are also acts that could see you punished by the law. And don’t even think that drivers do not wear high heels behind the wheel because a recent study found a total of 40% of women have done so at some point in their life. This statistic is staggering, especially as some ladies struggle to walk in high heels, let alone drive in them! The survey also found 39% of women wear flip flops and 24% go barefoot. The findings aren’t much better for men either. A total of 27% admit to wearing flip flops while driving and 22% drive barefoot.


Driving a large vehicle like a flatbed lorry, crane truck or box van comes with great responsibility. Whether you are carrying goods or transporting objects to various sites, being behind the wheel of such a powerful vehicle means you always need to be on the ball to ensure you, fellow road users and pedestrians are kept safe. Even if the mercury is soaring and your feet are swelling due to the heat, you can not afford to take the risk of wearing flip flops. One slight slip could be fatal.


If you have any doubt about what you should be wearing on your feet, refer to the Highway Code Rule 97. It states: “the driver should wear footwear and clothing which does not prevent you using the controls in the correct manner”.


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