The Real Reason Why Everyone Loves Skip Lorries

We love weird and wacky news stories at Mac’s Trucks. Just last month we were in stitches at the revelation that a woman was going to marry her duvet. Now, I love my bed, but not so much that I’m going to walk down the aisle with it!


But it turns out there are several incidents of people marrying weird and wonderful objects. Martyn in the office told us about the man who married a steam train and another guy who got hitched to a pizza because “a pizza would never betray me!” And well, it got us thinking . . . what type of truck would you marry?


There was of course much hilarity as our team declared their undying love for the truck of their choice. Some went for a crane truck due to its pure power and dashing good looks. Some chose the cheesewedge due to their massive love for cheese (it’s not really made of cheese people. It’s not the moon!) while others opted for a flatbed as they were then at least guaranteed some time to relax in bed!


But do you know what truck was the resounding winner? The good old skip loader of course. And do you know why? It wasn’t because of its physical features or glowing personality. It was because it simply takes away the rubbish without any back chat!


Of course, skip lorries are marvelous vehicles and deserve to be loved. They do a tremendous job in shifting skips that are full of rubbish, masonry and other waste materials up and down the country. They don’t complain or scream “I took out the rubbish last week!” They just get on with it without any drama. In fact, skip lorries simply love the jobs you hate.


Skip lorries are predominately used in the waste and construction industry and we have a vast selection of used skip loaders and second-hand hook loaders for sale at Mac’s Trucks. Our range is updated daily and routinely includes the best DAF skip trucks, Volvo skip loaders and Mercedes-Benz skip lorries.


Whether you are looking to fall in love with a Euro 6 skip loader, a 4×2 rigid skip loader with a drawbar or a 6×2 rigid skip truck, we believe we will have the right skip loader for you at the best possible price.


If you are currently looking to buy a skip truck, contact a member of our skip lorry sales team today on 01422 377285. Just do us a favour, don’t marry one!

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