Mac’s Trucks Are Proud To Be Supporting Ukrainian Refugees

As we have seen across the media many people are doing what they can to help, as a response to the current humanitarian crisis in Ukraine. Mac’s Trucks are proud to be partnered with Nixon hire and Yorkshire Aid Convoy to help deliver essential supplies to those in need.

The charity’s founder Mark Murphy has been involved in helping and visiting Romania for over 20 years. Having witnessed the poverty that people are living in through various towns, villages, orphanages, hospitals, and refugee camps. In 1999, he decided to visit Ukraine, which represented an even more dire image of humanity.

Subsequent to this and with the determination to make a difference in people’s lives, he and Simon Hartley founded The Yorkshire Aid Convoy in 2002. The objective was to collect, transport, and distribute humanitarian aid to exactly where it is needed throughout Romania and Ukraine.

Mac’s Trucks have put forward a donor vehicle for the convoy heading out to Slovakia with essential supplies such as food and clothing for the Ukrainian refugees. After being approached by Nixon Hire, we had the vehicle ready for the trip ahead and fully branded in two days.

The trip begins from Leeds and makes it way to Folkestone to travel over to France. The convoy then goes on to drive to Belgium into Germany, heading south-east. After an overnight stay in Germany, the journey will continue into Austria, past Vienna, and into Hungary.

Lastly, there will be an overnight stay at the Ukrainian border to then be greeted by a Ukrainian MP and a member of the military administration. This is where the journey ends and Mac’s Trucks alongside other truck sponsors will unload all of the aid transported. This can then be distributed to hospitals, military units, and local charities.

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