Drivers Face Blanket Ban On Touching Mobiles Behind The Wheel

We all know talking and texting on our mobile phones behind the wheel of a vehicle is forbidden. Yet, despite the punishment of being caught getting tougher, millions of drivers still commit this offence multiple times on a daily basis.


Well, if you are one of those who looks at your phone to check Facebook at traffic lights, use it as a satnav or touches it to skip a track on Spotify, you could be looking at a £200 fine and six points on your driving licence.


The Department for Transport has announced plans to install HD cameras across the UK’s road systems and ban motorists from touching their mobiles for any reason in a bid to catch those who regularly flout the law.


As it stands, a legal loophole has helped thousands of drivers using their mobile phone to avoid punishment. Unless you are caught in the act of using a hand-held device to call or text, drivers can simply say they were scrolling through their playlist or taking a photo, both of which are not illegal – unless the DoT has its way.


Authorities have been left frustrated by this loophole, which has let hundreds of thousands of drivers off the hook. But if the change to the law is approved early next year it will hold drivers bang to rights.


The cameras, which will be positioned strategically throughout the road network on overhead gantries, possess crystal clear quality to show a person operating their phone. And, if the change in law is approved, it will not matter if the driver is checking the time, calling somebody or updating their social media, it will result in a fine and points being added to your licence.


This change will affect all motorists, including those who drive flatbed trucks, second-hand crane trucks and used removal trucks. A recent report by the RAC found millions of people are still using their mobiles behind the wheel. This move will be a huge step forward in the fight to reduce unnecessary deaths and accidents on the roads.


Highways England is also thought to be considering letting the police occupy HGV cabs to give them a perfect vantage point to catch drivers in the act.


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