Why Should I Buy A Flatbed Truck?

Flatbed lorry


We sell hundreds of new and used flatbed lorries at Mac Trucks every year and it’s easy to see why. Not only do we stock the finest flatbed trucks in the country, from a selection of the best truck manufacturers like DAF, Iveco, Scania, Volvo and Mercedes, we also give our visitors the best customer service around.


Flatbeds, which are also known as dropside and scaffold trucks, are the vehicle of choice for builders, roofers, landscape gardeners and other professionals in the construction industry. Thanks to their flexible design, flatbeds can carry a variety of items that normal trucks may struggle to accommodate, like scaffolding poles, construction tools, plastic pipes and other bulky items.


Flatbed trucks are a hugely popular type of vehicle and perform a variety of essential roles. Assisted greatly by having no roof and sides that can be easily lowered, flatbed trucks enable workers to gain quick and effective access to their loads.


Flatbed lorries are totally versatile


Another huge plus point for flatbed lorries is that they are truly versatile. Whether you are looking for a 6×2 rigid flatbed, 8×2 rigid flatbed or an 8×4, we have an extensive range of flatbed trucks for sale. Keep an eye out on our site as we also sell flatbeds that come equipped with a Moffet fork lift, FASSI crane and FASSI brick grabs.


Whatever type of flatbed you are looking for, we are confident you will find one at the most competitive price here at Mac’s Trucks. We have been in the used truck and truck rental business for more than five decades and have built up a solid reputation for selling quality products, providing great customer satisfaction and amazing prices.


With a selection of low-mileage vehicles for sale on our website, including Euro 5 and Euro 6 engines, check out our stock today for an unbelievable deal.


For more details on our range of flatbed lorries, call our sales team on 01422 311999 or email [email protected]


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