New Customer Axtec Required a different Type of build for their new truck and here at Macs worked with Axtec extensively to make sure they had the correct vehicle for the job. This is a first of a kind vehicle In the UK making it a special build for us.

DAF CF 410 2020, 8×4, 30ft Macs beavertail body, Test weight stillages, steel suspension, winch, stainless toolboxes with pull out draws, graeple section ramps, full width double kink hydraulic ramps, hydraulic landing legs, single strap fall restraints for easy loading and unloading, work lights, front and rear strobes, air horns, sun visor.

Axtec The only UK manufacturer specialising exclusively in axle weighing, Axtec is an independent British company, formed in 1991 and still managed by its owners. Axtec researches, develops and manufactures in the UK.

We wish Axtec all the best with their new vehicle!

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